German Shepherd Stars in Family Game Nights, Playing Anything They Put in Front of Her – WATCH


This four-year-old German shepherd loves nothing more than to play family games with her owners to pass time during lockdown.

From Jenga to Tic-Tac-Toe, the toy dog uses her teeth to gently pick up the pieces to play just about any classic family game.

“Anya never fails to amaze us,” says Lori Knoble, who uses treats to allow the dog to choose which square she wants in Tic-Tac-Toe.

The 55-year-old business owner and her husband, John Knoble, got Anya from a local breeder when she was 12 weeks old.

“From the beginning, Anya was incredibly helpful and smart,” said Lori. “She would help remove clothes from the dryer, bring us the T.V. remote, and everything.”

One day during quarantine in early April, the Cleveland, Ohio couple was looking for a way to keep themselves entertained, so they set up the Jenga game in its tower of wooden blocks.

“There she was, ready to play along—without any training, she seemed to just figure out what to do.”

“She saw me playing, went to grab a block, and managed to keep the tower upright—all so casually.”

They made a video showing Anya grabbing a loose block and pulling it out gently with her teeth, then placing it on the coffee table and waiting for her opponent to go.

It was the first of many games they introduced to the clever dog, and a video showing the vast variety of moves Anya makes is downright hilarious.

“She has truly been a blessing to us and we aspire to share her light-hearted, amazing, silly antics with the world in hopes of spreading love and joy.”